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Top Ways to Ensure Dryer Vent Efficiency

Top Ways to Ensure Dryer Vent Efficiency
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The dryer vent is a mini exhaust system responsible for taking the hot air produced by the appliance out of the house. If it doesn’t work properly, the dryer may start working poorly and the risk of house fire may rise considerable. Follow the advice shared below to make sure that these things will not happen.

Shorter Duct with Fewer Turns

These factors will help the air reach the outdoors more quickly. They will also make dryer vent cleaning easier and more effective. Still, due to the position of the appliance and the design of the house, it may not be possible to have a short and straight duct. In this case, you will have to balance between the two. You can increase the length so that there are fewer turns or decrease it to accommodate more turns.Top Ways to Ensure Dryer Vent Efficiency

A Wide Covered Opening

The hood covers which are 4 inches wide are considered to contribute to the dryer vent’s efficiency the most. They are suitable even for longer duct systems and ones with more turns. Narrower hood covers and louvered ones are best suited for shorter systems with fewer turns. If you opt for a hood cover, make sure that it has reliable protective mesh to keep debris and pests out of the ductwork. Otherwise, you may end up in need of emergency air duct cleaning at one point.

Properly Connected Joints

The ducts forming the exhaust system should be joined together with the use of specially designed rigid metal tape which is four inches wide. Any other type of tape won’t do. The use of screws is also a bad idea as they can trap lint. Keep in mind that the metal tape is also used for air duct repair and more specifically for the sealing of leaks.  

Regular Dryer Duct Cleaning

Even if you have a straight and short vent with smooth metal walls, the exhaust system can still collect some lint over time and will need cleaning. Longer systems with more turns should be cleaned more often. The same applies to those whose walls have ridges. In general, if you have plastic or foil ducts, you should consider replacing them with smooth metal ones. With the replacement dryer vent, you will improve the efficiency of the system and minimize the risk of fire. Proper cleaning involves the use of a specially designed brush which picks up the lint from the walls.

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