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Learn how to make your house a safer and more comfortable place to live with the air duct cleaning tips available here.

Want to learn how you can make your HVAC system more energy efficient? Here you can read a range of useful tips related to air duct cleaning and protection. Follow them to get the best outcome and enjoy better air quality and a healthier environment.

Get air ducts cleaned more frequently if you have pets

This is necessary because cats and dogs usually shed a considerable amount of hair. Not all hairs can be removed during regular cleaning and the remaining ones can easily get into the HVAC system due to their lightness. This increases the level of air pollution in the house and the risk of respiratory problems.

Clean both air ducts and the HVAC unit

If you use the HVAC system every day, it's good to combine HVAC unit cleaning with the good cleaning of the air ducts. It would be like cleaning the whole path where air is passing through from outside into your room and so the results will be better. Indoor air quality in the house will improve and the system will work more efficiently.

Consider UV cleansers for eliminating mold from the air ducts permanently.

These devices are set inside the HVAC system, usually in the air return. They emit UV light at low frequency. This light destroys the mold spores and inhibits growth effectively. The major advantage of these devices is that they are not messy in any way. Furthermore, they can do their job effectively for a long time to come. Still, it is important to check the useful life of such the device in advance.

Dismantle HVAC registers carefully before cleaning

Unscrew the bolts which hold the register in place carefully, hold the item firmly with both hands and remove it gently.

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